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How does the Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers process work?

It's easy to sell your diamond with Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers, our trained experts can appraisal your valuable and in most cases offer you cash right on the spot!

With our fast and easy 3-Step Appraisal Selling your valuable is as easy as one, two, three!

1) Start the appraisal process either online, calling us toll free at +1 888-513-3303 or setting up an appointment

2) Our expert buyers will contact you for more information or an offer estimate + arrange to inspect your diamond, jewelry or watch in person at one of our office or arranging travel or shipment for you or your valuable.

3) Once we verify your item, we offer immediate cash offers, once accepted we process secure payment the same day.

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I have an appraisal - is that the price I can get for my diamond?

There are many variables when it comes to pricing your diamonds, watches and jewelry

Diamond and jewelry appraisals are usually created for insurance or other purposes. They represent one appraiser's opinion of the diamond's replacement cost. The actual cash for gold amount or cash for diamond amount we may offer you will possibly be different than the appraised value. At Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers we promise to offer fair and honest pricing at the highest possible offer

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Does a certified Diamond sell for more than a non-certified diamond?

We buy your diamonds certified or not

Certification can be helpful in the diamond buying process when you sell a diamond, but certification does not increase the value of a diamond.

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How long does it take to receive my payment?

Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers are experts in rapid diamond and jewelry evaluation

Our knowledgeable diamond buyers are pre-authorized to make on-the-spot cash transactions. You'll receive payment immediately, if the transaction is in person. For other situations we’ll guide you through the process for the fastest way to get your funds.

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How do you determine what you pay for a diamond?

We follow GIA standards in grading our diamonds

The value of a diamond is determined by the exact color, clarity, carat weight and proportions. As professional diamond buyers, we never estimate or guess what your diamond's characteristics are. We work diligently to get you the best price and most money for your diamond.

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Will you do a full appraisal on my item?

As estate and diamond jewelry buyers, we do not appraise diamonds. Doing so would be seen as a conflict of interest. If you would like an appraisal before or after we make you an offer, we will gladly refer you to another certified jewelry or diamond appraiser.

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