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Our Process

You deserve the best price on your valuables and Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers is celebrated for paying top dollar for your diamonds, fine jewelry and watches.

We are thrilled to offer easy, fast and no obligation appraisals to all of our potential or existing clients. With offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Michigan and Las Vegas we offer both in person and online, using your phone you can upload us images and documents that will start the appraisal process. We’re committed to getting you the appraisal you deserve, even if you’re not near one of our offices.

Additionally, we offer a variety of hassle-free and secure ways to ship your piece or pieces to the nearest Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers office

After more than three decades of providing buying services the team at Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers have developed a reputation for quality and honest service with the highest cash values possible. We have the expertise to correctly evaluate any diamond, fine jewelry piece or watch.

We work with easy 3 step process to get you the highest offer for your valuable.


First, we’d like to determine a very loose range on the worth of your piece. We can do this using any paperwork you may have – GIA certifications, insurance appraisals, local jeweler estimates or even recent photos. You can upload photos and certifications to us using your phone and the form below. No certifications? No Problem our knowledgeable team will work with you regardless if your piece is certified or not.  Once we determine a rough window of monetary value, we will ensure your piece and provide the necessary labels and instructions to safely ship your item.

Our buyers provide quotes on your valuables whether they are…

  • Your item is certified or not

  • Mounted or loose

  • Appraised or not

  • Your diamond is any shape or Size


We understand that selling your valuables can be a hard decision and we strive to make it as clear and easy as possible. Our team ensures you’re completely comfortable and in control of selling your valuables every step of the appraisal.

Our verification happens two ways, either in person or arranging to have your piece shipped to our offices. Once a member of our team inspects your piece, we are able to assess certain things that may not have been included in your appraisal or similar paperwork. We assess color, clarity, inclusions and flaws, all of which can impact the price range given upfront. As well as counter any previous legitimate offer you may currently hold. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our final offer, we will rescind our offer and send your jewelry piece(s) back to you at no charge, if shipped.


If you accept our offer, we’ll pay you immediately via wire transfer or cashier’s check. We take our relationship with each of our customers very seriously, and we’re confident in our ability to accurately and fairly appraise and price jewelry above all competitors. That’s why we openly encourage you to get your jewelry appraised at other locations. Because we’re fair and honest in our pricing, we’re never afraid to verify our appraisals with a second opinion.

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