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What We Buy

Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers is the leading buyer of diamonds, fine jewelry and watches. Our team of expert buyers provide knowledgeable care and unsurpassed appraisals for your previously owned valuables


Our dedicated team at Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers love educating clients about the grading, appraisal and resell process of diamonds at any size

We promise to appraise your diamond fairly, accurately and provide the highest possible quote in the market. Large or small, we handle the appraisals of all diamonds. We are very confident in the valuations we give on diamonds and that whey will beat any previous offer.

Even if you don't have all the details or the answers to one or more of the specifics about your diamond, it's not a problem.

Our professional diamond buyers have the expertise to correctly evaluate any diamond. We can either provide a quote based on the information you have or contact you to get the information needed for a more accurate quote.

We can provide an appraisal for your diamond even if it is...

  • certified or not

  • mounted or loose

  • common (round shape) or uncommon (princess shape, marquise shape, etc.)

  • appraised or not

After more than two decades of providing diamond buying services, the team at Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers have developed a reputation for quality and honest service with the highest cash values possible.

Large Diamonds

As the leading diamond buyer, Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers offers services nationwide to sellers with large diamonds. We can arrange transportation to meet in person to discuss your diamond in person or we can provide fully insured shipping no matter how valuable your diamond is.

Thanks to our extensive network of international buyers, we can ensure to provide to you the highest cash offer possible and we always encourage you to explore your options before selling. Our appraisals are always free and you are under no obligation to accept our offer.

to complete your order promptly and at a competitive price. Order your expertly built, custom handcrafted goods today.

Learn about the Diamond Grading Process
WHAT WE BUY: Welcome


Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers is the leading buyer of luxury watches. Whether new or antique we offer the highest cash offers for your fine watch in the market.

Selling your watch with Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers is no-hassle and secure. We offer the highest prices anywhere for fine brands.

Contact out specialists for more information on appraising and selling your luxury watch today.

WHAT WE BUY: Welcome

Wedding and Engagement Rings

Selling a wedding or engagement ring is an emotional process and it’s not one we take lightly at Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers.

There can be a lot of sensitive subject matter wrapped up in wedding and engagement ring appraisals and we understand the delicacy of the process. We stand by our commitment of offering a comforting service every step of the way and offering top prices for wedding and engagement rings.

Looking to take a step towards your fresh start? Contact one of our expert buyers today for a free quote.

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Estate Jewelry

Los Angeles Jewelry buyers have extensive experience working on Estates of all sizes and values.

We work closely with estate attorneys to help guide you through the process of carefully appraising the pieces. It’s our mission to get you the absolute top dollar for your estate jewelry through a simple, honest and straight forward appraisal process.

WHAT WE BUY: Welcome

Antique and Vintage Jewelry

The expert team at Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers regularly work with refined network of antique buyers and sellers globally.

With more than two decades of experience in handling some of the most precious pieces, we’re well-versed in vintage jewelry. We love and appreciate antique jewelry of all kinds, and we know how to evaluate top quality pieces no matter what their age or history.

WHAT WE BUY: Welcome
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