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Why Sell

There many benefits to selling your diamonds and fine jewelry, both emotional and fiscal

Selling Jewelry is a quick way to make money when done right. Los Angeles Jewelry Buyers ensures a safe and secure way to sell your valuables. Depending on the type of item you are selling the money you make from selling can be enough to finance an emergency fund, cover necessary items on your budget you felt financial strain on or enough to start a nest egg for a fresh start. There are many financial benefits to selling jewelry, but there’s also many emotional benefits too.

Diamonds, jewelry and watches can be forgotten assets that can do more for you than just sitting in a jewelry box. We understand that each piece comes with a story and is an emotional exchange which is why we delicately handle every sale with grace and integrity.  

Every single factor is taken into consideration before a valuation is given – even if an older appraisal exists, and whether we’re appraising a single item or a full estate sale.

We have a passion for jewelry and a passion for people. We understand jewelry from many aspects and angles that not every buyer does and how and where to repurpose it. For that reason, we can offer the highest pricing in the market for reselling your diamonds, fine jewelry and watches.

If you want to learn more on how you can benefit from selling your jewelry contact an expert on our team today

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